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*Frodo begins to put pen to paper as he continues his Uncle Bilbo's There and Back Again. He stops then, wondering where to start."Well," he says to himself, "it's always best to start at the beginning." And with that, he began.*

*He wrote of the lolling hills of the Shire and the tranquility that he had partaken of before the Ring came into his life. He wrote of going to the pub and watching Merry and Pippin dance drunkenly on a table in The Green Dragon. With a smile, he also began to tell of the way Sam blushed every time he saw Rosie Cotton pass by.*

*With that, he stopped. Where was Sam? What was he doing?*

*Getting up, Frodo opened the door to Bag End and peered out. The hobbit children were playing in their respective yards and the adult hobbitfolk were doing their respective chores. Frodo glanced around his garden and then called out.*

Sam? Sam Gamgee, you there?

((As you may or may not be able to tell, this is my desperate plea for a Sam, since I can't believe that we don't have one yet.))

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