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when Eru decided to create Ea he called all Ainurs and suggested them great song.All of us agreed,but we sang on our own.But then he wanted us to sing together to make more beautiful song.Everybody sang it without thoughts.but not ME.I'm special and i want to rule the World!And as I'm the most powerful from all of the Ainurs,i'd set my sight on making out.Sauron,my faithful servant was one of the Maiar.But I converted him,and he helped me at all six wars...I killed hateful Feanor,Fingolfin,Finarfin and almost all of his sons.I could have been the Master of this world, but my brother Manve(he's as much as I'm, but as i'm older,i'm a bit prepotent than he is)and all of the 14 Valars held up against ME...and this war was called by pathetic quendy and adans WAR OF! And now I'm in abyss...I'm sentenced to 1400 years(it's twice as much as first time),until Manve let me apologies.But I'm planning on persuading him and then everything will begin!!! I've to wait only 10 years...And then....
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