Janet, aka Pippin (lijororli) wrote in lordofringsrpg,
Janet, aka Pippin

((Let's see if my wee hobbity mind can do this....))

*Walking away from Merry and Pippin, Frodo tries his best to stay away from Lotho. Slowly, he makes his way to Bag End. Once there, he collapses in a chair and closes his eyes. He was still sore. His wound from Weathertop was acting up, as were numerous other injuries that he had acquired on his journey.*

*Hoping to get his mind on something else, he reaches for the nearby end table, meaning to grab his pipe. His fingers land on something unexpected. Looking over, he sees a worn red parchment. Looking about him, he slowly picks it up and reads the lettering on what appears to be the cover of a book. There and Back Again, A Hobbit's tale by Bilbo Baggins.*

*Frodo laughs. "Why, he's finished it," he thinks to himself. He thumbs through the book, but sees that only a third of the papers have been written on. thinking himself wrong, Frodo turns to the final page that contains writing. It clearly stated that it was the end, and yet there were so many blank pages following it.*

Is it really the end?

*Frodo wondered this time and time again, and finally came to a conclusion. No, this was not the end. Nothing is ever the end. Journeys were meant to be turned into stories. Stories were meant to be told. Again and again.*

*With a sudden air of decisiveness, Frodo gets to his feet and quickly walks to the next room. He sits himself at his uncle's writing desk and picks up a writing utensil, turning to the first blank page. He hesitated for only a moment, wondering where to begin. Then he began to write, thinking about all of the adventures he had been in, and everything that he had heard from the rest of the Fellowship.*

*Oh yes, this was going to make a wonderful story!*

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