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Lord of the Rings Role Play Game's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lord of the Rings Role Play Game

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At the Abyss... [28 Oct 2004|05:10pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Melcor was sitting THERE and thking about nine years, he had to wait until his discharge. He was waiting and thinking over his plan. He was'n glad that his first servant was dead, but inspite of Saurons death he was proud with him.He didn't think he could unleash such a big war. Sauron was a good disciple!
... Morgoth was glad.

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[06 Oct 2004|05:24am]


*Shrugging, sensing that Sam nor Pippin would return, Frodo led Merry inside Bag End. He sat him down with a cup of tea, and then walked back to his book.*

"There," he said, motioning to the tea. "That should keep you quiet for a bit. Not to be rude, but I would like to start on my book without too many interruptions.

With that, he picked up his pen once again and began to write of Gandalf.

((OOC- Um,... where is everybody?))

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[15 Sep 2004|10:34pm]
I can't find a good picture to use for my character. :/
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[11 Sep 2004|04:20am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I am Eowyn, Lady of Rohan.

I am 24 years old, born TA 2995. I have golden hair and a pale complexion. I am a human, the daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn. I'm strong and good in battle,as good as any man,yet I am overlooked. My gender greatly handicaps me. My father, Eomund, died while fighting orcs when I was young. I was raised by Edoras, for I am his neice.

I am promised to a man I have no desire to marry, and I've set my eye upon someone I cannot obtain. I often dress as a man to participate in battles. I took Merry with me when no one else would. I am a serious person. I wish to be respected. I hope to find love.

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[20 Aug 2004|06:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

*Frodo begins to put pen to paper as he continues his Uncle Bilbo's There and Back Again. He stops then, wondering where to start."Well," he says to himself, "it's always best to start at the beginning." And with that, he began.*

*He wrote of the lolling hills of the Shire and the tranquility that he had partaken of before the Ring came into his life. He wrote of going to the pub and watching Merry and Pippin dance drunkenly on a table in The Green Dragon. With a smile, he also began to tell of the way Sam blushed every time he saw Rosie Cotton pass by.*

*With that, he stopped. Where was Sam? What was he doing?*

*Getting up, Frodo opened the door to Bag End and peered out. The hobbit children were playing in their respective yards and the adult hobbitfolk were doing their respective chores. Frodo glanced around his garden and then called out.*

Sam? Sam Gamgee, you there?

((As you may or may not be able to tell, this is my desperate plea for a Sam, since I can't believe that we don't have one yet.))

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I'd like to play Pippin...? [29 Jul 2004|09:08pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm Peregrin Took. Mostly called Pippin, though. You can call me that, too!

Ah... I'm a hobbit in my tweens. I am usually spending time with my cousin Merry(Meriadoc) Brandybuck. My other cousin is Frodo Baggins; actually, he's my second cousin once removed on his mother's side, apparently.

I accompanied Frodo and 7 others (Gandalf the Grey, Samwise Gamgee, Aragorn, Boromir, Merry, Legolas and Gimli) on some quest to destroy the "Ring of Power"... however, along the way, the Fellowship we had broke up, and me and my cousin, Merry, were captured by orcs.

...that indeed got interesting.

((OOC:...um...yea. there's my application))

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Introduction [28 Jul 2004|03:15pm]

I am Grima son of Galmod. I live in Rohan and advise King Theoden song of Thengel.
Under the wing of Saruman I have become corrupted, my once inoocent soul has left me.
I want the one thing I can't have and never will be able too...Lady Eowyn.
I have never known family, or friends, an outcast in society always. Darkness comforts me, you can't really see anything in the dark, you can pretend its real. Anything can be real in the dark.
All I want is too belong, but as time progresses that dream gets farther beyong my reach.
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[27 Jul 2004|10:34pm]

Ok so the characters that I have so far are,

*- Frodo
*- Merry
*- Legolas
*- Melcor
*- Lotho Sackville-Baggins
*- Gollum/Smeagol

If you did not make your post, just make on and I will add you to the list on the user info. I guess we can start with the role-playing now. SO now I am going to make my entry.


After a long night at the party Merry slowly made his way to his pony. The pony was a gift given to him by Eowyn. He mounted the pony slowly, mostly caused by the Ale. The journey was a long one back to buckland, but when he arrived he felt a sudden surge of energy. Before he got ready to sleep, he sat at his desk and thought about the journey he had taken with Frodo. It had been a long and hard one, it had made him more of a man, more mature then he was when he had left. He was no longer scared of the things that he had used to be. He began thinking of journey back to those lands one day, maybe he would bring Pippin and some of his other close friends along. He finally cleared the thoughts out of his mind and layed down to sleep.
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Greetings, from Lotho Sackville-Baggins [18 Jul 2004|09:21pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

My name is Lotho, son of Otho and Lobelia. I was born in 1364, four years before that dratted hobbit Frodo BRANDYBUCK.

My parents and I were the rightful heirs to Bag End of course, but Mad Ol' Baggins decided to adopt that strange little creature and give everything to him instead.

Needless to say, I dislike young Frodo very much. He's annoying, in my humble opinion, and terribly spoilt. If I had my own way, I'D be living at Bag End now, not HIM.

Well, at least I have the advantage. Afterall, I am older, and clearly more important. We Sackville-Bagginses take pride in our family name. How utterly embarassing it must be to be a *Brandybuck*!

Oh yes, and I was the Chief for a while, before that little imp of a Took, that GARDENER, and those two Brandybucks had something to say about it.

My only chance to prove my true strength and power and they ruined it! Be assured that I'll get my revenge, my *dear* hobbits!!

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Melcor. [18 Jul 2004|03:07pm]

[ mood | excited ]

when Eru decided to create Ea he called all Ainurs and suggested them great song.All of us agreed,but we sang on our own.But then he wanted us to sing together to make more beautiful song.Everybody sang it without thoughts.but not ME.I'm special and i want to rule the World!And as I'm the most powerful from all of the Ainurs,i'd set my sight on making out.Sauron,my faithful servant was one of the Maiar.But I converted him,and he helped me at all six wars...I killed hateful Feanor,Fingolfin,Finarfin and almost all of his sons.I could have been the Master of this world, but my brother Manve(he's as much as I'm, but as i'm older,i'm a bit prepotent than he is)and all of the 14 Valars held up against ME...and this war was called by pathetic quendy and adans WAR OF ANGER...hm! And now I'm in abyss...I'm sentenced to 1400 years(it's twice as much as first time),until Manve let me apologies.But I'm planning on persuading him and then everything will begin!!! I've to wait only 10 years...And then....

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Legolas [18 Jul 2004|02:01pm]

...Legolas - son of Thranduil,the king of North Mirkwood.In 3018 in third epoch by human's chronology I came to Rivendell,to the Soviet of Wise,and joined to the Fellowship of the Ring,where i was the only quendy.My acute vision and ability not to miss helped the fellowship very much.Me,Aragorn and Gimli set out in searching Merry and Pippin,who were purloined by orks.But then Gandalf took us to the Edoras and then to Hornburg,where the Great Helm fight was.Then we went to the Stone of Erech to bring spectral army to Pelargir.I was there and fought with Aragorn and Gimli at the Pelegorn plain.First time in my life i saw the sea in Gondor.And since then I burned with the desire to go to Valinor,as Galadriel predicted.I'm about 2778.
My name Legolas in quenya means: leg - green, and golas/olas - leafage.I'm not pure - blood nandor as my mother...I'm sindar as my father Tranduil.I'm armed with bow, arrows and with two daggers,which are in special sheath near quiver.
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[17 Jul 2004|10:17pm]

I am Merry, also known as Meridoc Brandybuck. I have a habbit of getting into a lot of trouble, mostly with my cousin pippin. I joined frodo on his quest to destroy the ring, but was seperated from him. I then fought with the people of Rohan, until the ring was destroyed. After that was all finished I made my way home to the shire.
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Don't know if I'm doing this right.... [18 Jul 2004|12:11am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

(I am Frodo, otherwise known as the Ringbearer, otherwise known as Mr. Frodo, depending on who you are. At this point, according to my last entry, Frodo has picked up Bilbo's book There and Back Again and has presumably started reading it. I'll probably be using the excuse of Frodo writing The Lord of the Rings as a way to work back through flashbacks into all of my "adventures."))

((If that's cool with everyone, let me know. If not, then let me know, too. Just let me know!))

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[16 Jul 2004|11:24pm]

This has been so hard for me to keep up with. So many people want to join that is a good thing. I just have been not at home for a while, so thats why. When i get back home we can make this more official. I was hoping the people who have characters could write a little entry about there charatcter and show the icon, and give there character names. Just so i can figure out all the characters that are already taken. So try to post a little info on the character thing. Make sure to use your icon. If you do not post your character info entry by, July-25 your character will be open to the public(haha thought it was funny maybe not). So go post now please. and then we can get to the good stuff.
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i wanna be morgoth! [11 Jul 2004|05:13pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

am..can i be morgoth,feanor and iluvatar simultaneously? i know it's a bit difficult..and i may not be able to play them all,but if i'm not able i will chose only one of them! do u have gollum already? i know i have to find icon for my characters....and i will.

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HiJA! [09 Jul 2004|10:46pm]
well! I'm sorry to have joined the comunity without asking permission but isilcarnil, who's my dear elfish future queen ordered me to do so! So don't balmae me but her! well may I be morogoth? lol!
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[10 Jul 2004|12:09am]

[ mood | pleased ]

wow! thank u very much for telling me how to join u...but is it serious or it's just a joke,i hope it's not so i'm telling it....i want to play"So-So"!:) but here is one more problem..i can't answer to ur comments and add my own. and i supposes u should make me ur friend,please make me!

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[09 Jul 2004|02:12am]

[ mood | excited ]

hi! i'm new here and ur community seems to me very interesting,i hope i will enjoy being here...amm...sorry but could anybody tell me where can i chose my character? i couldn't find it anywhere. thank u in advance...and one more...how do u play here?

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((Let's see if my wee hobbity mind can do this....)) [30 Jun 2004|09:21pm]


*Walking away from Merry and Pippin, Frodo tries his best to stay away from Lotho. Slowly, he makes his way to Bag End. Once there, he collapses in a chair and closes his eyes. He was still sore. His wound from Weathertop was acting up, as were numerous other injuries that he had acquired on his journey.*

*Hoping to get his mind on something else, he reaches for the nearby end table, meaning to grab his pipe. His fingers land on something unexpected. Looking over, he sees a worn red parchment. Looking about him, he slowly picks it up and reads the lettering on what appears to be the cover of a book. There and Back Again, A Hobbit's tale by Bilbo Baggins.*

*Frodo laughs. "Why, he's finished it," he thinks to himself. He thumbs through the book, but sees that only a third of the papers have been written on. thinking himself wrong, Frodo turns to the final page that contains writing. It clearly stated that it was the end, and yet there were so many blank pages following it.*

Is it really the end?

*Frodo wondered this time and time again, and finally came to a conclusion. No, this was not the end. Nothing is ever the end. Journeys were meant to be turned into stories. Stories were meant to be told. Again and again.*

*With a sudden air of decisiveness, Frodo gets to his feet and quickly walks to the next room. He sits himself at his uncle's writing desk and picks up a writing utensil, turning to the first blank page. He hesitated for only a moment, wondering where to begin. Then he began to write, thinking about all of the adventures he had been in, and everything that he had heard from the rest of the Fellowship.*

*Oh yes, this was going to make a wonderful story!*

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[21 Jun 2004|02:50pm]

Hey, I got a good suggestion from Lotho so I thought i would share it with everyone.

"Now, I'm not sure about everyone else but I fear that I may find this role play a little too hard to follow. I think the idea of the party is fantastic but, just a suggestion, would it be easier if, instead of typing our all of our actions each time, we instead made an 'entry'. i.e. it IS still role play, and what we talk about has to link to what everyone else is saying but it's not so specific. i.e. instead of every event following on from the next, the characters, if they wished, could do something else."

So there it is, and people go ahead and make entrys.
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