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...Legolas - son of Thranduil,the king of North Mirkwood.In 3018 in third epoch by human's chronology I came to Rivendell,to the Soviet of Wise,and joined to the Fellowship of the Ring,where i was the only quendy.My acute vision and ability not to miss helped the fellowship very much.Me,Aragorn and Gimli set out in searching Merry and Pippin,who were purloined by orks.But then Gandalf took us to the Edoras and then to Hornburg,where the Great Helm fight was.Then we went to the Stone of Erech to bring spectral army to Pelargir.I was there and fought with Aragorn and Gimli at the Pelegorn plain.First time in my life i saw the sea in Gondor.And since then I burned with the desire to go to Valinor,as Galadriel predicted.I'm about 2778.
My name Legolas in quenya means: leg - green, and golas/olas - leafage.I'm not pure - blood nandor as my mother...I'm sindar as my father Tranduil.I'm armed with bow, arrows and with two daggers,which are in special sheath near quiver.
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